THAT, is how you do a party!

Performing regularly at Eat Street Northshore

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The rock gods were out in force

Sequins and slay guitar!

Supporting Guy Sebastion

Upping the girl quota!


Honey now offers a three-girl floorshow highlighting the DIVAS from the last century...

So many kick-ass female artists!! Fully costumed, choreographed and claaaasssssyyyyyyy😎


Queensland’s Honey Music consist of three epically entertaining female vocalists and their hip band of actual musicians actually playing live. Over more than a decade of events have seen them host gigs in locations as diverse as a reference library and a desert stage near croc infested waters. Attendees have grown used to coming face to face with the Honey lasses, insane musical talent and even the odd underwear throw from over enthusiastic crowd members. If you see some smartly-dressed chaps and some girls in snazzy outfits – usually with sequins – , that’ll be them. Or they could be the ones dressed in whatever theme the event calls for. Star Wars costumes, or swinging 60’s or tragic 80’s or the twee folks that look like they’ve just stepped out of 1934… You never know what you’re going to get from this band but it is ALWAYS a party and ALWAYS memorable AND they have been known to cure gout and tennis elbow…